• Wingmen – S01/E13

    • Lynxi Welcome
      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: When Granddad’s oldest friend dies, the Freemans go back and both Granddad and Huey have to learn to put the past behind them.
    Pre Show:
    • Trump is DONE!
    • Trump doesn’t GAF about you!
    • Bill Barr gone
    • Khloe Kardashian
    • Reality TV
    • Cairo/Dewey out of touch with Huey’s new world
    • Loyalty of friends
    • Jazmine and Huey
    • Kids need counseling
    • Salami, Eggs, and Bacon
    • Blackness competition
    • Speaking ill of the dead
    • Leaving the anger
    • Handling toxic relationships
    • Losing “friends”
    • Looking at Dennis’ Jazmine
    White People Question:
    • Something an out-of-touch white person would ask: “I haven’t noticed much going on with BLM lately. Does this mean they’ve won?”
      • BLM has disappeared from a lot of media view because of everything else that’s going on.
      • They are still out there working.
      • BLM folks went and helped get folks out to vote.
    • Have a “Stupid White People Question” you want to leave us?
    Post Show Info:
    • The name of Granddad’s plane in World War II was “Dorothy,” the same name as his car. A piece of the plane can be seen in Granddad’s den, along with other memorabilia. This is part of the running gag from both the strip and show where Granddad is in love with Dorothy Dandridge.
    • Moe and Granddad both have women painted on their Mustangs. WW2 era Tuskegee Airmen pilots were not allowed to paint on their planes as they were not given the same rights of a white man.
    • Dewey questions Huey with “Where are your sandals? Where are your capris?” This refers to the 2003 track “The Yo Yo” by Little Brother where Phonte rhymes, “It’s time to bring the emcees on/I’m sick of n***as lookin bitch trying to read poems/then try to battle me with sandals and capris on?/Come on dog…”.
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