• The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show – S02/E15

    • Lynxi Welcome
      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: A BET reality show forces racist handyman Uncle Ruckus to accept the truth about his own blackness. The show and man begin to quickly fall apart.
    Pre Show:
    • Going outside in public
    • Working for yourself
    • ATF
    • Voter suppression
    • Covid variants
    • Government programs to help pay bills
    • Student loan debt
    • Cornel West has been denied tenure at Harvard and has, therefore, resigned.
    • Dean and Demond are starting a new podcast.  Disputed.  The promo for the show was at the top of the show here.  https://disputedpod.com/
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    • Negative elevation
    • Black Panther
    • Reggie Hudlin
    • Skin bleach
    • Sammy Sosa
    • Stereotypes
    • Rap beef
    • History of school shootings
    • Coolio
    • Gun culture
    • Zeno Paradox
    • Acting white
    • Black fraternities
    • White people bathing
    • Media influence

    White People Question:

    • From Shakur Collins on TikTok:  “If you don’t wash your hair everyday, does that mean you don’t take showers?”
      • The beauty industry
    • Have a “Stupid White People Question” you want to leave us?
    Post Show:
    • MJ getting shows on Full Swap Radio
    • Dean and Demond of Disputed
    • Next week: Season 15 Recap Extravaganza
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    • The BET animation executive is based on Aaron McGruder.
    • This is the only time Ruckus believes the truth about him being black.  His racist views only got worse, believing he had to live the way he thought black people did.
    • This is the second time Ruckus mentions his “condition” revitiligo is the reverse of Michael Jackson’s vitiligo
    • Ruckus chastises Tom for wearing a kilt and supposedly mocking Mel Gibson who starred in Braveheart
    • Tom references African-American author, Alex Haley and his book Roots
    • Ruckus alluded to several African American fraternities, including Omega Psi Phi “barking like dogs,” Kappa Alpha Psi “jumping up and down with candy canes,” and Alpha Phi Alpha “Jail Phi Jail.”
    • The character Wedgie Rudlin, a caricature of Reginald Hudlin, says he learned a business theory known as “Negative Elevation” from Harvard.
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