• The Story of Lando Freeman – S03/E10

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        • HBOMax Synopsis: There’s a new handyman in the neighborhood undercutting Uncle Ruckus, which is all good for Granddad and his garden until the man claims to be his long lost son, Lando. Will Granddad take responsibility and be a father to his child?
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    • AIDS
    • Dads
    • Gay panic
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    • From: A myriad of places – “Why are there so many absent Black fathers?”
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    • Riley used the phrase “Smoking with cigarettes”, which is said in the episode Smokin With Cigarettes.
    • This is the only episode Gin Rummy appeared without Ed Wuncler III.
    • Lando (Granddad’s supposed-to-be-but-is-not-really son) is voiced by Slink Johnson, known to be the voice of Lamar Davis in the Rockstar game, Grand Theft Auto V.


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