• The Story of Gangstalicious – S01/E06


    • Lynxi Welcome
          • Episode synopsis
            • IMDB Synopsis:  Riley visits his favorite rapper, Gangstalicious, who’s been shot and hospitalized. But is he really a “gangsta”?

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    • Pre-show, pre-funk
    • Mari Jayne has discovered a strain she likes – Zookies – https://leafly.com/strains/zookies
    • Finding your strain
    • Getting MJ to come on PodScure
    • Getting good downloads so far
    • Links on our web page
    • How many days…
    • “Friends” going to have big parties regardless of Covid
    • The Cult of Trump
    • Done talking to brick walls
    • Being silent
    • Bohemian grove – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemian_Grove
    • #EndSARS
    • Lacking information vs being willfully ignorant
    • Letting go of toxic family/friends
    • Preparing to move to Canada


    • Ice Cube – then and now
    • Contract With Black America
    • Kanye, 50, and Ice Cube – lookin’ kinda unfamiliar right now
    • What political party supports Black interests?
    • Uncle Joe
    • Psycho Leftist
    • Uncle Ruckus’ song
    • Riley lying about being a gangsta
    • Toxic Black culture
    • Fraud gangsta rappers
    • Clout chasing leading to stupidity
    • Homophobia in Black culture
    • Black men have always been regarded as the pinnacle of sexual prowess
    • Hood culture / drugs
    • Tekashi69 – snitching
    • White People Questions
      • Why is it okay to have a B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) when we don’t have a W.E.T.?
        • What makes you think we don’t already  have a “W.E.T.”?
        • All media is already run by white people, including B.E.T..
        • We have B.E.T. because we are not a monolith.
        • Not learning about Tulsa Massacre until recently. Not something that has been taught.
    • Have a “Stupid White People Question” you want to leave us?

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    • More Pulp Fiction references when Gangstalicious talks about how “Got got involved”.
    • There are references to a couple of “Eddie Murphy”‘s comedy bits.
      The first one is when Riley is watching the news there is a guy Huey refers to as “Black Eye-Witness Man”. This was a bit on Eddie Murphy’s comedy CD “Eddie Murphy’s Greatest Comedy Hits” where he talks about a guy that witnessed a man getting hit by a car. They both start the same way.
      And the second one is when Riley is attempting to throw himself down the stairs so that Granddad can take him to the hospital. As he is rolling down the stairs his shoe flies off and Riley says “my shoe”. This is in reference to a bit in “Eddie Murphy Delirious” when he describes his Aunt Bunny falling down the stairs.

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