• The Story of Catcher Freeman – S02/E12

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        • HBOMax Synopsis: Three very different versions of a slave revolt led by Huey and Riley’s great great great great great great grandparents. Who says the 1860s couldn’t be fun?
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    • GOP blocks voting rights bill
    • Mike Pence: Failing Up
    • Insurrection
    • Joe and Kamala
    • Domestic terrorists
    • The effects of Trump
    • How far back can Black folks go?
    • The Freedom Train
    • Being related to other famous Black people
    • All presidents (but one) are related
    • Modern-day house slave
    • Crabs-in-a-barrel ni**as
    • Being creative/finding your passion
    • Queen (TV Mini Series 1993)

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    • Riley is a hypocrite
    • Riley is also a troll
    • Thelma was the real hero
    • Legends vs true stories
    • Women written out of history
    • The character of Catcher Freeman and the slave rebellion of the Colonel’s plantation is a reference to Nat Turner and the famous slave rebellion of 1831, which was led by Nat Turner himself.  The part where Colonel Lynchwater wanted the slaves to stop singing was most likely a reference to how Nat Turner used to communicate with his recruits via song.
    • Catcher Freeman quotes the final lines of the show’s theme song while speaking with Thelma.


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