• The S-Word – S02/E11

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      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: Granddad and the good Rev. Rollo Goodlove try to cash in big after a teacher calls Riley ‘the n-word’ in school.
    Pre Show:
    • Heat/Texas/Climate change
    • Solar/wind
    • Jeff Bezos/Lex Luthor
    • Juneteenth
    • Voting holiday
    • CRT
    • Black Wall Street
    • MJ & Dew’s 20th anniversary
    • Riley wearing glasses
    • Saved by the Bell
    • CRT
    • Modern Family
    • Allowing kids to be who they are
    • The use of the N-word by Black folks

    White People Question:

    • From asia_aylana on TikTok: “What is the fear that non-threatening Black people give white people, that armed and threatening white people dont?”
    • Have a “Stupid White People Question” you want to leave us?
    Post Show:
    • Cancel Court
    • This episode is based on a real event that happened in a Louisville, Kentucky high school in 2006. The news report that opens the episode is nearly word-for-word of a [WHAS news story] covering the event.


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