• The Red Ball – S03/E03

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      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: When the Chinese call in some old debts, Ed Wuncler is forced to gamble all of Woodcrest’s economic fortunes on a kickball game with its sister city, Wushung, China. Kickball legend Huey Freeman is to come out of self-imposed exile.
    Pre Show:
    • Gambling addictions
    • Freedom in China
    • “Repossessing” people
    • Dick Cheyney
    • Christian Bale, Tom Cruise, and Ryan Reynolds
    • Trading Places
    • Riley is left footed
    • Americans doing the wrong thing until it’s right
    • Prison industrial complex
    • Tools of the wealthy
    • Sports patriotism
    • Anime styles in the episode
    • Uncle Ruckus / Uncle Remus

    White People Question:

    • From Dean, your producer : There’s been some talk recently, over social media about Tutnese (the original AAVE). What’s your opinion on white folks learning it? If you don’t have an issue with them learning it, what about speaking it?
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    Post Show:
    • The scene at the end of the game is highly reminiscent of the famous anime series Dragon Ball.
    • This is the episode with the most injuries; it is also the only episode where Butch Magnus is injured.
    • This episode is the first since the pilot in which Ed Wuncler speaks directly to his grandson.
    • Ms. Van Heusen, Butch, Gin Rummy and Cindy do not speak at any time in the episode.
    • In the episode, Ed Wuncler voices his complaint that one of the Wushung players is clearly overage due to his massive physical build. However, Long Dou assures that he is only 12 years old and an aid behind him holds up a birth certificate to verify this. This is a reference to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and the controversy surrounding the ages of the Chinese gymnastics team members.
    • Many of the exaggerated super-speed and super-powered kickball moves, especially Huey’s final kick and his catch, are influenced by the Chinese comedy movie Shaolin Soccer.
    • Uncle Ruckus, as referee, cites a racist line from Blazing Saddles when Huey knocks out the kicker at bat.
    • Despite the fact that the Woodcrest Team are declared the winners, the score remained tied at 8-8 after the final play.
    • Dante Basco makes a cameo appearance as Jingmei in the episode.
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