• The Lovely Ebony Brown – S03/E11

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        • HBOMax Synopsis: Granddad finds a Black woman so beautiful and charming not even Ruckus can hate her. Ebony Brown is perfect in every way so is this the end of Granddad’s long, sad, desperate search for a woman? Not if he can help it.
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    • From:  Twitter in regards to The Weeknd being dressed as Don Corleone for Halloween – “Isn’t this kinda whiteface and cultural appropriation?”
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    • Ebony Brown makes several comments throughout the episode that indicate her character is a vessel of commentary on The Boondocks TV series by an outside viewer, or possibly Aaron McGruder himself. Examples of this are:
    • In the restaurant, Ebony comments directly on Uncle Ruckus’s character as being obviously reprehensible, but telling small grains of truth and therefore is funny and likable. Such a statement is appropriate of a real-life critic or fan, not of an in-series character.
    • Sitting on the bench by the bridge at sunset, Ebony similarly comments on the features of Granddad’s character. She then goes on to say she wants to be a “recurring character”.
    • In Malaysia, Ebony suggests slowing things down, saying there are plenty of episodes left in Granddad’s story. Granddad counters by talking about how he wants to speed things up, saying he’s not sure how many episodes he has left. This is likely a direct reflection by McGruder (voiced through Granddad) saying how he wants to heighten the intensity of the show because he is not sure how much longer the show will last. This notion is further corroborated by Season 3 being Aaron McGruder’s last season.


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