• The Garden Party – S01/E01


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    • Synopsis:  The Freeman family get invited to a garden party in the new neighborhood they’ve moved in to.
      • So many people, including the POTUS don’t believe that black people belong in these neighborhoods.
    • Grandad, Huey, and Riley
    • Grandad used the boys’ inheritance to buy the house.
    • Comparison to “Get Out!”
    • Huey’s dream (telling white people “the truth”.
    • Microaggressions
      • “You’re so articulate!” “You’re so smart!” “You speak so well!”, “Free-man”
    • Clip: Grandad chastising Huey, but Huey shows him that the attendees just love him.
      • Being seen as white people’s entertainment.
    • Black people must prove that they are willing to “toe the line” in order to be allowed in.
    • Ed’s grandson (Ed III) white, crass, rude…was also applauded.  He’s RICH!
    • Saying the N-word.
    • Ed III and Riley – concern….
    • Lynxi grew up in the hood.
    • Fetishizing hood culture.
    • What “looking cool” was like when we were growing up.
    • Uncle Ruckus…and his song.
    • Lynxi wanted to be a nun.
    • Internalized racism.
      • Being made to feel like you should act like white people want you to act.
      • Learn how to lie to white people.
      • “Compliance” at work.  Being trained to “behave”.
      • Elders teaching younger folks to not “fight it”.
    • Getting a “Black Education” when you’re a Black kid.
    • “Old school” – What’s that mean?
    • White Oprah

    (Stupid) White People Questions:

      • From Twitter:  “How is not seeing race racist?  Please explain because I thought racism is treating people a certain way based on the color of their skin, and the antithesis of that is treating everyone equally.
        • If you don’t see color, you’re absolving yourself of the responsibility to stand up for someone who’s being treated differently because the color of their skin.
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    • Grandad said that he “went and spent all your inheritance to buy this house”. We can assume that Huey and Riley’s parents are dead and had good life insurance and that Grandad is the conservator of the inheritance for the boys.
    • Ed Wuncler stated that “In 30 years, that boy’s going to become the President of the United States and he’ll still be an idiot.” in reference to Ed III.  That’s because Ed III is based off of George W. Bush.
    • The infomercial/video that Grandad was working out to was for Tae Bo by Billy Blanks.  Billy Blanks was a somewhat well known martial artist actor back in the late 80s through the 90s. During the 90s, Blanks created a martial arts/dance-based set of exercise videos that were marketed by infomercial throughout the decade and became quite popular.

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