• The Fried Chicken Flu – S03/E13

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        • HBOMax Synopsis: When a fast food promotion crosses with a plague of biblical proportions, society spins out of control faster than you can say white meat only. Will Huey Freeman’s elaborate end-of-the-world survival plan stand up to the ultimate test?
    Pre Show:
    • Survival foods
    • Canned vs Fresh
    • Newer generations
    • Huey & Jazmine
    • Public perceptions
    • Popeyes in Rochester
    • Oprah’s chicken coupon
    • Farming
    • Chickens in Hawaii
    • Lockdown
    • Unprepared preppers
    • Huey’s plan
    • Plan flexibility
    • Stupid pandemic attitudes
    • Mask fashions
    • Being resourceful
    • Taking responsibility
    • Coming full circle
    • Learn something
    • Make your life better

    White People Question:

    • From:  So many “well-meaning” white folks (AKA performative allies) – “I want to help Black people.  How can I help?”
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    Post Show:
    • The scene when the lady says, “I want my motherfucking chicken, my babies want motherfucking chicken!”, the word “motherfucking” is still bleeped on DVD.
    • This episode is based on a promotion held by KFC and Oprah Winfrey in May 2009. Winfrey provided coupons for free KFC chicken on her website. The promotion was so popular that the restaurants ran out of chicken causing customers to become irate across the country. Reports of riots at KFC locations spread but KFC later announced that the reports were false. But irate customers did stage protests and made angry statements in TV news reports. The customer saying “How am I supposed to feed my family now?!” is taken from an actual news report.
    • It is implied that Jazmine might be vegetarian; she tells Grandad, “Fried chicken is murder”, when he asks if she wanted any at the beginning of the episode.


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