• The Block Is Hot – S01/E14

    • Lynxi Welcome
      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis:  Jazmine learns the true meaning of “Capitalism” when she sells her lemonade stand to corporate tycoon, Ed Wuncler.
        • Lynxi’s Synopsis:  Aaron McGruder is a psychic!
    Pre Show:
    • Congrats on surviving 2020!
    • Tiara’s father passing
    • The insurrection/coup
    • Eugene Goodman – Black Excellence Hero!
    • Is the GOP a cult?
    • Jazmine flips on Huey when confronted with the truth.
    • The show doesn’t say when it is, but all this is the same thing that happens today.
    • Ruckus, the heroic, white supremacist cop.
    • Horrible Histories – Stupid Deaths
    • White privilege
    • Homage to “Do The Right Thing”
    White People Question:
    • Heard around the internet for the last few days: “How is what happened at the Capitol any different than what happened during BLM protests?”
      • It is NOT the position of BLM for looting/setting fires.
      • BLM protestors NEVER were allowed to get that close to anything at the Capitol or White House.
    • Have a “Stupid White People Question” you want to leave us?
    Post Show Info:
    • Black folks and those on the left have been arming themselves more and more over the last 4 years.
    • Guns and The Black Panther Party
    • What will happen with the coup/Trump supporters?
    • School Daze, Jungle Fever, Malcolm X – Spike Lee
    • Adult spaces in social media
    • OnlyFans
    • Get your hustle on!
    • MariJayne Maven has masks!
    • Next week: The Passion of Reverend Ruckus
    • Need to see where we are on social media and such?  Come find us!  https://www.theboondockspod.com/links
    • The radio announcer talking about how Al Sharpton is angry at “a cartoon” is a reference to Al Sharpton’s criticism of The Boondocks.
    • Granddad didn’t really have a role in this episode aside from ordering lemonade.
    • Supposedly this episode is based off of “Do The Right Thing”
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