• Thank You for Not Snitching – S02/E03

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        • HBOMax Synopsis: A rash of home invasions has Woodcrest in a panic. When Riley witnesses the theft of Granddad’s precious car Dorothy, will he crack under questioning?
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    • White privilege
    • Check on your Asian friends
    • Things are still the same
    • Phone etiquette
    • Dealing with police while Black
    • Neighborhood watch
    • Rappers who out themselves
    • Drake
    • Sean Ellis
    • Children being questioned by the police
    • Getting blamed when you’re not white

    White People Question:

    • From TikTok : “Do you have any white folks on your list of who could make the potato salad for the cookout?” (aka The Teena Marie Badge)
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    Post Show Info:
    • The character of Betty Van Hausen was voiced by Marion Ross.  Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days
    • Robert’s comment about “the price of bullets are going up” is a reference to Chris Rock’s stand up HBO special Bigger and Blacker.
    • Gangstalicious’ appearance on TRL rapping and bragging about his assault on Johnny Guinness, only to be arrested shortly after by the police, appears to be a reference to a 1993 episode of Yo! MTV Raps. Tupac Shakur, making an appearance to promote his film Poetic Justice, boasted on camera about assaulting the Hughes Brothers (directors of Menace II Society). At the time, the crime was unsolved, as there were no known witnesses to the assault; police arrested Shakur and obtained a VHS of the interview, which was used at trial as the sole piece of evidence against him. The jury convicted Shakur based on his own statements. It can also be a reference to an incident on April 15, 1999, in which Sean P. Diddy Combs assaulted record executive Steve Stoute with a bottle of champagne. The assault took place over scenes from a music video P. Diddy was featured in by rapper Nas titled Hate Me Now.
    • The interrogation scene with Granddad is lifted from Menace II Society, complete with Bill Duke voicing the detective. Then, in the middle of the interrogation, Duke says to Granddad, “You know you done fucked up right?”, making an obvious reference to the movie.


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