• Welcome to Woodcrest – Episode 0

    Welcome, one and all (well, you know who you are), to The Boondocks Podcast!
    Our inaugural episode is not one of the actual show itself, but an introduction of our wonderful hosts (Lynxi, MJ, and Tiara), who they are, what the show means to them, and how the show will run.

    Side note: This is the first time all of the hosts have met together.

    The consistent themes of the show, aside from the TV show, will be social (in)justice, black lives, and a bit of politics here and there.

    Some of the discussion that happened in this episode are:

    • How relatable this show is still today.
    • How the show made us feel
    • The show’s themes, words, and their impact.
    • Our experiences
    • “Stupid White People Questions” segment
      • Today’s questions:  “How can ‘all lives matter’ be racist?”
      • If you have a “Stupid White People” question, reach out to us on
    • Black history
    • James Baldwin
    • “A lotta bit racist”
    • Black Lives Matter
    • How we ended up here.
    • How often Trump lies
      • Statistic:  This information is being tracked.  Trump currently leads all presidents in this category at 19 lies per day.  The average person lies just under twice a day.  Obama actually lied less than that at just under 1 a day.
        The presidential lies are just from what’s on record.
    • Education


    Show Music:

    Intro:  #Makeachange by K.I.R.K. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License.

    Outro:  Good Times by Audiobinger is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.