• Stinkmeaner Strikes Back – S02/E04

    • Lynxi Welcome
      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: Granddad’s nemesis, Colonel H. Stinkmeaner, returns from hell to seek vengeance on the Freemans and picks an unlikely vessel in poor Tom.
    Pre Show:
    • First episode produced
    • Tom afraid to be Black
    • Lynxi – found a deeper meaning
    • Chris Rock – Black people vs. n***as
    • Devil and Lil Naz X
    • Roombas coming to life
    • Granddad’s date
    • Why Ghostface Killah?
    • The Exorcist
      • Horror movies/tropes
    • The purpose of Uncle Ruckus
    • Black people judging other Black people
    • Black self-hatred
    • Depth and meaning of the episode
    • Thoughts on Tom’s behavior

    White People Question:

    • From Marsha Warfield’s TikTok : “Didn’t Africans sell their own into slavery? Why aren’t you blaming them?”
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    Post Show Info:
    • This was the first episode produced for season 2, although the episode was not aired until October 29, 2007, probably intending to make it seem to be a Halloween episode.
      The Boondocks logo in the beginning of the episode (BOON (BD) DOCKS) parodies the logo of Shaw Brothers Studio which is popular for producing movies in the Hong Kong martial arts action cinema scene. Also, the Stinkmeaner training sequence pays homage to the classic martial arts movie The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (produced by Shaw Brothers Studio).
    • The line that ‘Tom DuBois’ repeats in the courtroom (“Fuck your court!”), along with the stamping and flailing on the table is a reference to a famous skit from Chappelle’s Show (2003). Tom is essentially reenacting one of Charlie Murphy’s “True Hollywood Stories” wherein a cocaine-addled Rick James soiled Murphy’s couch with his dirty shoes.
      This episode references the Rick James skit featured in Chappelle’s Show, with Granddad saying “Cocaine’s a hell of a drug”, a quote that Rick James used several times in the skit.
    • This episode parodies the film The Exorcist, which can be seen with Uncle Ruckus’ description of the ‘n***a spirit’, the exorcism and the music of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, as well as the scene in which Ruckus is dropped off by a vehicle and briefly stands outside the Freeman house while being silhouetted by a beam of light.
      The episode title is derived from the title of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The Episode was originally to be called “The Return of Stinkmeaner” in a similar fashion to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.
    • This episode easily breaks the record previously held by “Granddad’s Fight” from Season 1 for most usage of the word “n***a” (65) clocking in approximately 72-95 times. (depending on if you choose whether or not to count the “n***a’s” separately when they start chanting the phrase “n***a, get yo black-ass out of here here!” during one of the scenes).


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