• Smokin’ With Cigarettes – S03/E06

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        • HBOMax Synopsis: If it’s fun to do bad things, then Riley is having the best time ever with juvenile felon Lamilton Taeshawn. But when Lamilton wants to prove he has the juice, the good times come to a shocking end. Will Riley know the ledge?
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    • Latarian Milton – The real story
    • SEL Teacher
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    • The final battle between Riley and Lamilton appears to be the first time in the series that Riley has single-handedly won a fight (although when Uncle Ruckus interrupted the fight, he distracted Lamilton momentarily).
    • Throughout the episode, dozens of hints are given to Lamilton being a psychopath. In fact, Lamilton’s personality is very applicable to the definition of a psychopath.
    • Throughout the episode, Lamilton’s name is sung in the style of a dramatic chant, a la The Omen.
    • Lamilton Taeshawn is a spoof on 7-year-old Latarian Milton.
    • Latarian Milton went on a driving spree in his grandmother’s SUV, then beat his grandmother over fried chicken; both of these antics occur in the episode.
    • The episode’s title, “Smokin With Cigarettes”, comes from a quote from Milton in an interview, in which he said “…and he smokes with cigarettes”. This is also referenced frequently throughout the episode. The promo for this episode says “it’s fun to do bad things”, a quote from the same interview.
    • The interview at the beginning is a parody of the 2002 film The Ring.
    • The interview involving the “chicken wing” scene can be found on the internet.[2]
    • The psychotic, red-haired clown that appears in the horror film Riley and Lamilton watch is a reference to Killjoy from the 2000 film Killjoy.
    • Dr. Doomis is a reference to Dr. Sam Loomis from the Halloween franchise. The conversation between Dr. Doomis, Huey, and Granddad is almost identical to the one that Dr. Loomis has with Sheriff Leigh Brackett in the original Halloween movie. Frequently music similar to the theme from the Halloween franchise is played when Lamilton is on screen.
    • The fight scene on the roof bears striking similarity to the final fight in Juice, and is most likely an homage. In fact, the episode makes frequent references to the film:
      • During the fight scene with Riley and Lamilton, the song (presumably by Metaphor The Great) playing in the background has a beat similar to Eric B. & Rakim‘s hit song, “Know the Ledge”, which was made for the movie Juice which is frequently referenced in this episode.
      • When Lamilton confronts Riley at his locker, this scene mirrors Bishop intimidating Q with a gun at school.
      • When Riley throws Lamilton’s gun off the edge of the school, it is similar to when Q throws the gun into the river
      • Earlier in the episode and in the promo, the statement of “who’s got the juice” pays homage to the title of the movie.
      • When Lamilton kills the dog, he claims, “It jumped at me”, similar to Bishop when he killed the liquor store owner.
      • The ending mirrors the similar scene from Juice with Riley having someone say the phrase “you got a cigarette” in the manner Q was told “you got the juice now” at the end of the movie.
    • Part of the episode deals with similar elements from the movie The Good Son starring Macaulay Culkin as a mentally disturbed boy, Henry, who engages in several similar activities that Lamilton does like smoking, stealing things, pulling pranks, causing a massive car pile up, and killing a chained up guard dog, and like Riley he tries to get his cousin Mark played by Elijah Wood to be like him.
    • Lamilton’s mugshot indicates that his police identification number is “0666” in reference to the number of the devil.
    • After Lamilton assaults his grandmother in the local Walli-Mart, (a parody of Wal-Mart), they are both interviewed by a news reporter in front of the Walli-Mart. The front of the Walli-Mart can be seen with the words “We Work For Less”, (a parody of their tag line “More For Less”).
    • This episode aired June 6 (6/6) and is the 6th episode of the third season, in reference to the number of the devil. 


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