• Mr. Medicinal – S03/E12

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      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: After a health scare, Granddad discovers the amazing life benefits of medical marijuana. But when Granddad suddenly becomes a balanced, well-adjusted person, Huey and Riley immediately know something is up.
    Pre Show:
    • Stress
    • Misdiagnoses
    • Dr. advice/trust
    • Cannabis = wellness
    • Drugs and medical costs
    • T’s dad’s meds
    • Health education
    • School lunch
    • American “superiority”
    • Lunch in Europe
    • Leaving the US
    • Granddad should have a cooking show
    • Mark Hamill
    • The boy’s inability to accept Granddad’s new attitude
    • Insecure attachment
    • Psychological effects of cannabis
    • The acceptance of alcohol v cannabis
    • Different names of cannabis strains
    • Microdosing

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    Post Show:
    • The role of Grant was done by Mark Hamill.


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