• Let’s Nab Oprah – S01/E11

    • Lynxi Welcome
      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: Huey has to stop Riley and a small gang of misfit idiots from nabbing the talk show deity, Oprah.
    Pre Show:
    • Is Oprah still a thing?
    • What happened to Steadman?
    • Making a “Steadman” a thing.
    • Oprah v Beyonce
    • Erykah Badu
    • J-Lo
    • Will & Jada
    • Polyamory
    • Gotham and Agents of Shield
    • Charlie Murphy & Sam Jackson
    • Maya Angelou, disrespected
    • We listen to “influencers” far too much
    • James Baldwin
    • Catholicism & the new Pope
    • White privilege
    • Trump allegory
    • Riley wants to REALLY be a gangster where Ed and Rummy only think they are, but they act like children.
    White People Question:
    • Regularly heard: “I follow BLM on social media. That makes me an ally, right?”
      • Performative white allyship isn’t being an ally
      • If you’re doing everything you do without seeking recognition, then you can be an ally.
      • Standing up so that a Black person doesn’t have to
      • Do what you would do if your child’s rights were being disenfranchised.
      • Don’t seek ally validation
    • Have a “Stupid White People Question” you want to leave us?
    Post Show Info:
    • Air travel over Thanksgiving / Covid spikes
    • All the “Lil” rappers
    • No originality in rapper names
    • Vanilla Ice/Kid Rock
    • Would Trump hang out with Wunceler?
    • Leona Helmsley, and other shitty Trump cohorts.
    • Not knowing how to swim coming into the military.
    • Steve Irwin
    • The Irwin kids
    • How Bindi Sue’s name sounds like a porn name
    • Controversial Boondocks episodes
    • Doomsday prepping
    • Food insecurity
    • We love hanging out together
    • Having to wear a bra
    • Being comfortable
    • Ready for 2021
    • The cruise industry
    • Next week:  Riley Wuz Here
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    • When Huey goes to take his Black Power Glove out of it’s safe, he enters the code of “67291”.  From 1967 to 1992, Thurgood Marshall sat on the Supreme Court.
    • When Huey and Riley are fighting and Huey gets his sword blade on Riley’s neck, we see Huey smile. This is the first time we see him smile.
    • Bushido Jones is based on Jim Kelly from Kung Fu Movies like Enter the Dragon and Black Belt Jones.
    • “You come straight out of a comic strip,” is a reference to Enter the Dragon and The Boondocks (comic strip) itself.
    • Gin Rummy says to Riley “It’s not wise to upset a Wuncler” after both Ed III and Riley are arguing over the former’s loss in the video game. This is a reference to the line: “It’s not wise to upset a Wookiee” from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope quoted by Han Solo after R2-D2 defeats Chewbacca in a match of chess.
    Show Music: