• Invasion of the Katrinians – S02/E09

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      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax SynopsisA family displaced by hurricane Katrina shows up looking for a place to stay, and Granddad tries to get rid of them as quickly as possible.
    Pre Show:
    • Respect
    • Culture of poverty
    • Helping those in need
    • Poor financial decisions
    • Emotional bank account
    • Paul Mooney
    • Bo Burnham
    • Using comedy to block out negativity
    • Fighting the good fight
    • Finding your purpose
    • Racial battle fatigue
    • Fake allies
    • Coping skills/survival
    • Setting boundaries

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    • From peakedinhs on TikTok : “Do you run fast because you have an extra muscle in your leg?”
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    Post Show Info:
    • This episode is based on the Hurricane Katrina saga from the original comic-strip series of The Boondocks
    • Cedric the Entertainer and Lil Wayne guest star.
    • The reporter Jericho told about Granddad’s hospitality seemed to be trying to make him out to be a charity case instead of just a man who took sympathy on his extended family. (She reinterpreted grandad’s words to make it seem like he accepted strangers, which caused other survivors to bother the Freemans)
    • Cultural references
    • The theme for the Jericho family is a jazzy rendition of When The Saints Go Marching In… — a song often associated with the city and culture of New Orleans.
    • Riley is shown preparing roux, a cooking base for Cajun cuisine.
    • A reporter asks Robert if Bill Cosby put him up to the eviction of “poor black people” when he tries to kick Jericho out. This is in reference to Bill Cosby’s criticism of “poor blacks” during an NAACP speech in 2004.
    • Riley refers to people from New Orleans as grimy. This was from a 1999 song early from Lil’ Wayne’s career called, “Grimy Work”.
    • Jericho Freeman’s first name is a reference to the ancient city of Jericho whose city walls fell to the Israelites in the Bible, similar to how the levees fell in New Orleans.


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