About MJ

     Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane, built from fire, passionate, motivated, and relentless with determination. Devoted Aries. Entrepreneur. Social media ninja. Lifelong music lover. Pop culture aficionado. Friendly problem solver. Proud beer evangelist. Thinker. Introducing MJ Maven, a woman who lives her life by two simple phrases.

  1. A lack of passion is fatal.
  2. Live a life of purpose and significance.


     Growing up in Northern California, MJ had typical, safe suburban life. a great upbringing, friends, and a good education. Upon graduating from High School, she began her pursuit of fame and a career in Music. After a few years and a few minor successes, MJ decided to return to school to receive a bachelor’s degree. In 2001 MJ met her soulmate at UC Davis, and fast forward to years later. MJ was a very happy wife , mother of three boys, had great friends, family, traveled and despite being diagnosed with MS in 2006, healthy and honestly very much blessed. However MJ knew deep down that she was living in fear, instead of living in her purpose and pursuing her True passion.

     With the help of the novel the alchemist, MJ began a journey that included abruptly ending a successful 15-year career in corporate sales and marketing, to finally become an entrepreneur. A choice that she had always known that she needed to make. She knew what her purpose in this universe entailed and she lept head first in the burgeoning cannabis industry. MJ quickly became a fixture In the movement to make the cannabis industry equitable, diverse ,and beneficial to individuals that have been most disenfranchised from the plant over the years.

     Today MJ is a proud self-proclaimed Serial and Social Entrepreneur. wearing many hats within the Cannabis industry, and somehow she finds time to be the host of three podcasts, also hosting events, and providing business consulting and education for cannabis and sexual wellness. MJ is thrilled to be a part of the panel for the boondocks podcast and much like everything in her life She will emphatically and passionately discuss the cultural and social impact of the fantastic clever irreverent Boondocks TV show.