• Granddad’s Fight – S01/E04


      • Greetings
      • Shout-outs: Dennis Gugin – Got Tom done and Riley’s looking good! Working on Huey now too!


    • Synopsis:
      • IMDB Synopsis:  After getting beaten up by the mean and blind Col. Stinkmeaner, a humiliated Granddad wants a rematch.
      • Our Synopsis:  We’ve all been here.
    • Trump’s been having n—ga moments. 
    • Confirmation bias
    • Hostile Twitter
    • Valid to feel hostile
    • Joe growth
    • Working to not fit stereotypes
    • Is it a “Black man” thing or a “Man” thing?
    • Obama “behaved”
    • Own your emotions
    • The Real World
    • Riley celebrates the worst of Black culture where Huey wants them to be better.
    • Call people out on their bullshit
    • Big Mouth

    (Stupid) White People Questions:

      • This is actually from Bree Newsome Bass’ Twitter: “How can someone be racist if they parented Black or mixed race children?”
        • Even Black people can be racist against Black people. 
        • There are biases that people have and things aren’t done on purpose.
        • Getting offended at “that’s racist” is not helpful.
        • White folks have racial biases that they don’t even realize.  You’ll say things that you don’t realize that are racist.  You’ll keep fucking up, but you have to LEARN, stop old behaviors, and grow.
        • It’s not enough to be “not racist”, you have to be “anti racist”.
        • There is SO much information that can help parents these days to learn.
      • Have a “Stupid White People Question” you want to leave us?

    Post Show Info:


    • After Granddad tells Huey that he’s not afraid, Huey responds with “Oh, you will be. You will be.” This is a reference to Yoda responding to the same thing to Luke Skywalker in Empire Strikes Back
    • Huey admonishes Granddad’s training by saying “What was that? An exhibition? You need emotional content. Now, try again”.  This is a line said by Bruce Lee to one of his students in Enter the Dragon

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