• Ballin’ – S02/E08

    • Lynxi Welcome
      • Episode synopsis
        • HBOMax Synopsis: Riley joins Tom’s little league basketball team and learns there’s more to the game than flashy moves, there’s crushing, humiliating defeat.
    Pre Show:
    • Childrens’ sports
    • Encouraging practice
    • Parenting
    • Trash talking
    • Granddad’s boundaries
    • Autistic tropes/ableism
    • Educate yourself
    • NIMBYs
    • Selfishness
    • Parents at kids’ games

    White People Question:

    • From a question michaelglover28 on TikTok got: “Where is your tail?”
    • Additional question:
      • From wy68nn on TikTok:  “Do Black people pull up next to other Black people, with their rooftops down, and still lock their doors?”
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    Post Show Info:
    • This is one of the two only episodes where a smile is seen on Huey’s face, after watching his brother make a basket.
    • The first time the Mighty Deers’ uniform is seen, it is misspelled “Mighty Dees”.
    • Riley winning the 3-Point Shootout without removing his warm-up suit (or his Tims) could be a reference to Larry Bird doing the same in the 1986 contest.
    • The intro shows the NBA on TNT crew, including longtime white host Ernie Johnson, speaking exclusively in AAVE and frequently using the n-word.
    • The autistic boy in the episode is based off of Jason McElwain, who is an autistic American; he came to fame on national news in 2006 when he played for four minutes and nineteen seconds during a high school basketball game and scored twenty points.


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