• A Date With The Health Inspector – S01/E05


      • Greetings
      • Odd thing…The episode list on HBOMax is different from how the show was originally aired. We’ll be doing them in the order listed on IMDB (their original order).
      • Over 230 downloads in our first 5 episodes
      • The Trump family
      • Early voting
      • Illegal drop boxes by the GOP
      • Lack of empathy
      • Opening up again


    • Synopsis:
      • IMDB Synopsis:  When Tom is wrongfully accused for murder, Huey and Riley enlist the help of Ed III and his friend, Gin Rummy to find the real killer.
    • Heavy racial and political themes
    • Fitting the description
    • Bogus plea deals
    • Good cop/Bad cop
    • Black cops can prop up systemic racism
    • Cops who do the right thing constantly get kicked out (Jaquay D. Williams)
    • You need to normalize standing up for what’s right.
    • Stop selling out your integrity.
    • Trump’s rhetoric gets amplified by certain groups.
    • The Iraq War symbolism
    • Ed III = George W. Bush / Gin Rummy = Donald Rumsfeld
    • The huge cock of the “Health Inspector”

    (Stupid) White People Questions:

    • From Twitter: “Am I intruding or am I supporting a black owned business if I go to the hair salons in my neighborhood?”
      • It depends…  Is your intention to look like a Black person?  For the most part it’s great.  Just like anywhere else, be respectful.  Be aware of your privilege.  In the end, you may learn something new about yourself and your hair.
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    Post Show Info:


    • Gin Rummy’s feud with Riley in the car is a direct reference to Jules'(Samuel L. Jackson’s) famous “Say what again!” speech during the interrogation of Brett (played by Frank Whaley) in the movie Pulp Fiction (1994).
    • Gin Rummy telling the officer that he wasn’t going to “die…in vain” or be “mortally wounded…in vain” was a reference to Monty Python’s The Holy Grail between Lancelot and Concord.

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