• A Date With the Booty Warrior – S03/E09

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        • HBOMax Synopsis: Having conquered his fear of prison rape, Tom volunteers to lead Huey, Riley, and some classmates on a trip to jail as part of a scared stiff program. When a riot breaks out, Tom has to get the kids, and his backside, out of jail.
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    • Foreshadowing
    • Needing the booty
    • Scared Straight
    • Willie Horton
    • Michael Dukakis, Dan Quayle, Bob Dole, and Ross Perot
    • Voting for old people
    • Military enlistment
    • Lawrence of Arabia
    • Squeaky Fromme
    • Prison tours
    • Legalized slavery
    • Juvenile detention
    • Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    • Policing

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    • From: So many people and places – “Why do Black folks make up 13% of the population, yet are responsible for 50% of the violent crimes?”
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    • Tom’s fear of being raped in prison is first introduced in the Season 1 episode, “A Date With The Health Inspector”.[1]
    • This episode features Butch Magnus’ third appearance and his second appearance with no dialogue.
    • This is the second time Huey attempts to organize social activism for an organization of strangers. The first was in “…Or Die Trying”.
    • The word “pause” is used several times in the episode, referencing the previous episode “Pause”.
    • The introduction of this episode parodies the Dateline NBC series “To Catch A Predator”, where investigator Chris Hansen confronts chat room predators looking to set up sexual liaisons with minors.
    • Tom marches in a rally against Proposition 8, a 2008 constitutional amendment which initially banned same-sex marriage in California (it was overturned in 2013). He also references Sean Penn playing assassinated San Francisco politician Harvey Milk in the 2008 film Milk.
    • YouTube clips of Fleece “Booty Warrior” Johnson from Lockup and the “Tossed Salad Man” are parodied throughout the episode. Both characters, especially Fleece Johnson, are satirized.
    • Before the Booty Warrior tosses a bar of soap at Tom in the shower room, he says “Tom, come out to play” a reference to the movie The Warriors.
    • William Horton Prison is named after American convicted felon Willie Horton.
    • Director John Landis guest stars in the show.
    • The Attica Prison riot is referenced to during the prison riot by one of the prisoners after he realizes that there was no plan beforehand by stating “I thought this was suppose to be some Attica type shit!”
    • The “Scared Stiff” program parodies and satirizes the “Scared Straight” programs, portrayed in film and television.


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