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The first (that we could find) podcast about The Boondocks.
Join us as we talk about the shows’ episodes, its impact, its message, relevance, ideology, the characters, and how much it still means since it first came out.

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About The Boondocks Podcast

Until July 2020, I (Dean – the producer) had never seen The Boondocks.  I’d asked my wife, Tiara, if she’d watched it when it was out originally in 2005 and she’d said that she’d only watched a few episodes.  I asked her if she would like to.  She said “sure”.

So, being that the Covid-19 pandemic was still going on and we weren’t going anywhere, we logged into our HBOMax account and queued it up.  What I saw was one of the most amazing pieces of art ever produced.  I was fascinated at the anime style, the hip-hop music, and the political tones (both overt and subversive).  I fell in love!

Being a podcaster I set out to find more from my podcast siblings about the show.  I searched Google, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc…NOTHING!!!  How could this be?! 

I had to correct this immediately!  Problem was…I’m white.  I absolutely CANNOT host this show!  Not my place at all.  So, I put out tweets mentioning about the extreme lack of podcasts about The Boondocks and that my Black podcasting siblings must heed the call and that I would support them in any way possible.  No movement.  At first I was frustrated, but then I had an idea…I asked Tiara, “If I can find you another Black co-host or two, would you be interested in doing this podcast?”  Her one word response:  “Definitely!”

So, my friends, please enjoy The Boondocks Podcast!


The S-Word

This week, The Queens confront the N-Word…as they break down S02E11 of The Boondocks: The S-Word! They also cover cannabis, comedy, climate change, and CRT. Come along!

Home Alone

The Queens are back and have a lot to talk about now that MJ is home again. Join them as they break down Kim & Kanye, vaccinations, and Black tattoo artists as they discuss The Boondocks – S02E10 – Home Alone!

Invasion of the Katrinians

Another week without MJ, who’s building a baseball player, Tiara and Lynxi are joined by Drake from Everythang Culture podcast to chat about family, respect, and boundaries as we cover The Boondocks, S02E09 – Invasion of the Katrinians!


Demond from the Demond Does podcast joins Lynxi and Tiara to discuss kids’ sports, autism, and givin’ up neck at the Woodcrest Country Club in The Boondocks, S02E08 – Ballin’!


The Queens of Woodcrest put Riley’s journey of becoming part of the Lethal Interjection crew into perspective in The Boondocks, Season 2, Episode 7 – Shinin’